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In Your Community

North Shore – Barrington Association of REALTORS® (NSBAR) Government Affairs actively monitors 31 North Shore and Barrington-area municipalities (and other local public bodies), and works with these governments to address proposed and existing public policies that impact real estate, and property owners and tenants. Additionally, NSBAR Government Affairs works closely with the Illinois REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS® on state and federal real estate issues.

Guided by NSBAR’s Statement of Public Policy, and under the direction of NSBAR’s Government and Political Issues Committee and Board of Directors, NSBAR Government Affairs addresses a wide spectrum of issues such as affordable housing, real estate transfer taxes, and vacant property regulations.
Local government, as compared to state and federal government, is harder to follow, less transparent, and often adopts legislation with little input; it is for that reason it’s especially important for REALTORS® to let NSBAR Government Affairs know of proposed or existing policies that will or currently impact real estate or private property rights, whether in an adverse or favorable manner. 
NSBAR Government Affairs is staffed full time by Government Affairs Director Joe Roth. Joe is available at or 847-480-7177 to assist you with your federal, state, or local questions, concerns, or suggestions.