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NSBAR Of The Year Award Guidelines

North Shore - Barrington Association of REALTORS® is proud to have a membership made up of individuals who are experts in their fields, advocates in their communities and leaders amongst their peers. Once a year, NSBAR honors the accomplishments of select members with a prestigious award and recognition.


We are currently accepting nominations for the following awards, REALTOR® of the Year and Patricia Ortseifen Distinguished Lifetime Service Award.


Please provide us with your nominations using the “Of the Year Survey” (click on corresponding links below) and submit to NSBAR no later than February 10, 2023.


All nominees must hold a current, active real estate license and be in good standing with NSBAR and IDFPR.

Factors which will be considered in the selection process are listed below:


REALTOR® of the Year

  1. Local Association Activity - Committee work (including chairing a committee or task force), serving on Board of Directors, meeting attendance, seminar, and educational achievements, or any local Association sponsored activity.
  2. Professional Ethics & Practice - Faithfulness to principles of organized real estate, laws and regulations of the Association, Code of Ethics, efforts to encourage good real estate practice among other REALTORS®.
  3. State Association Activity - Committee assignments held or special assignments completed, attendance at the state convention, quarterly meetings, legislative assemblies, seminars, visits to other Associations, institutes and any state-sponsored activity.
  4. Other REALTOR® Activities - NAR committee assignments, NAR conventions,institutes, etc.
  5. Education & Designations - Educational achievements and designations of importance in the real estate profession.
  6. Business Accomplishments/Achievements & Contributions - The criterion hereis not the number of dollars earned, but the public recognition gained from the manner in which they conduct their business, outstanding advertising programs, a general reputation for professional competence, etc. (Can include individual selling success - President’s Club, etc.)
  7. Civic Activity - Local, state and national participation in civic and service clubs, charitable activities, political action, fraternal or religious groups.

Note: The REALTOR® of the Year criteria may be composed of activities from not only the past year but from previous years as well.


Any REALTOR® member may nominate an individual for this award.


Nominate a member for REALTOR® of the Year


    Patricia Ortseifen Distinguished Lifetime Service Award

    • Long time member and participant as a NSBAR member
    • Leader in the REALTOR® community
    • Local dues to be waived going forward after receiving award

    Nominate a colleague for the Patricia Ortseifen Distinguished Service Award

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    The following awards are based on specialized criteria constraints and, as such, are not subject to open nomination by all NSBAR members. Qualifying candidates will be submitted to our NSBAR Recognition Task Force for final consideration and vote to determine this year’s winners.


    NSBAR Cares "Good Neighbor Award"

    1. Recognized as a local leader whose performance of service and involvement in community activities is extraordinary
    2. Has freely given their time and talents to one or more organizations.
    3. Shows commitment on a continuous basis and provides “hands-on” involvement to a specific cause
    4. Role model for other REALTORS®

    Rookie of the Year

    1. REALTOR® member for two years or less
    2. Shows sincere interest/enthusiasm in real estate profession
    3. Knowledge of license law and the code of ethics
    4. Board involvement

    Strategic Partner of the Year

    1. Affiliate enthusiasm
    2. Continued support of the real estate community
    3. Civic activities
    4. Business Accomplishments