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NAR Code of Ethics Requirement 

Thanks to all members who took the Code of Ethics training and sent in their certificates and notified NSBAR that they had completed the triennial Code of Ethics Requirement.  Please understand that it will take NSBAR some time to process all the information that you sent to us, and for NAR to accept and record this info officially. 

While this process is underway — please be assured that NO ONE will be suspended as we complete our audit.   

Kindly be patient — and understand that over a million members are reporting their compliance with this requirement to NAR at the moment.  It will take some time for all the systems to catch up.  NSBAR will contact you personally via phone — only if there is more information that we require from you as follow-up.  If you do not here from us personally, you may assume that everything is in order. 

Please ignore any blanket/general emails or text messages on this topic that you may receive from Illinois REALTORS® or the National Association of REALTORS®.  These are being sent to everyone, regardless of their compliance status, and we understand that it is creating confusion. 

Again, thank you for taking time to comply with this National Association of REALTORS® requirement. ​​​​​​​