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Transferring from another REALTOR® association:
  1. Complete online Application
  2. Provide a Letter of Good Standing from previous Association
  3. If you wish to transfer listings, please provide a permission e-mail for release of all active/non-active listings from your previous broker.
  4. To subscribe to SentriLock please complete the SentriLock agreement here. If you subscribed to SentriLock at your previous Association, you could request a refund from them. NSBAR will charge you a prorated fee for the service.
Transferring within NSBAR:
  1. Complete and submit the NSBAR transfer form
  2. If you have listings from your previous office, we need a release of those listings in writing from your previous broker.
Miscellaneous Notes
  1. You will have access to MRED within an hour from receipt of completed application and payment, with a new assigned agent ID from NSBAR.
  2. If you did NOT complete an orientation class at your previous board, you are welcome to attend the class at NSBAR, held every month. This will meet your code of ethics requirement.
  3. If you have a lockbox(es) on listings that you’ve brought with you, once those listings close you must bring the lockboxes in to the NSBAR office to register them in our SentriLock database.
  4. Do you have a new email address? cell phone number? Home address? please provide to NSBAR
  5. Do you have listings that need to be transferred? If so, please provide in writing a release letter from your previous broker, via e-mail to
  6. Do you have clients and searches that need to come from your old MLS number? Please provide your old number on the transfer application and NSBAR will transfer them for you.
  7. You are entitled to a letter in good standing from your previous board upon request (if warranted.)
  8. Would you like to enroll in NSBAR’s autopay program? Please provide a credit/debit card to keep on file.
Policies of other REALTOR® associations:
  1. CAR – MLS fees: Semiannual MLS fees are refundable for months not used. A $25 cancellation fee will apply. (NOTE: Agents transferring to other associations between billing cycles will need to take this cost into consideration prior to their change in office affiliation.)
  2. MORe – MLS fees: same as CAR above. Billed quarterly (the majority of users), semiannually and annually. Refund of unused months in that billing cycle upon request. Sentrilock: Refund of unused months in that billing cycle upon request.