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Frequently Asked Questions


How much are the dues? Did the 2019 REALTOR® dues and MLS fees increase?
The 2019 dues are $621.00/MLS $400.00.


Can I have more time to pay my bill?
Terms are net 60 days. If you have a hardship request, please go to and click on Contact Us. Complete the form to send to the Finance Committee to determine if your request should be granted. They meet the first Thursday of every month.


What are my member numbers?
Your NSBAR number is your MLS number. Your NRDS number is your National Association of Realtors member number.


What is a NRDS number?
It is your National Realtor Database System membership number. It was sent to you in your welcome email when you joined NSBAR. You can find that number on your Realtor magazine.


My MLS access has been shut off.  What do I do?
You can make a payment through, login with your NRDS # and password, and view account. You can also:
• Pay by phone by contacting our accounting department at 847-480-7177, x1025.
• Mail in your payment
• Drop it off at the Northbrook office.
• Fax it in with your credit card information at 847-480-7362.


How much did I pay for NSBAR dues last year?
Local, state, and national dues were $585 last year; MLS fees were $400.


Did the 2019 REALTOR® dues and MLS fees increase?
Illinois REALTORS dues generally increase by 3% annually.  MLS fees increased last in 2017, and are not expected to increase in the foreseeable future.  NSBAR will provide ample notice to our Membership in the event that MLS fees are scheduled to increase.


Will I be able to pay my dues in full?
Yes. Additionally, by paying in full you will be able to save $90 over those members opting to stretch their payments out over 12 months.


How are the payments structured for this billing?
You will be given the opportunity to pick the structure that works best for you! You can opt to pay in full by 5pm, October 25th or you may opt to stretch your total invoice into 4 payments paid every three months, with the first invoice being due on August 25th.


How will I pick my payment structure?
You will receive a bill via mail to your home with the payment schedule you requested last year. If this is your first renewal you will be on installment payments. If you wish to change your payment schedule, call the NSBAR accounting department to have your account adjusted. Be on the lookout for the annual renewal bill the second week of August.


What if I don’t choose a payment option?
If you do not choose a payment option, you will then be opted into the 4-payment option or however you paid the previous year.


How will I be invoiced?
Electronically via your Member Account on


If I decide to pay in full, when will the invoice be posted on my NSBAR account at
The invoice will be posted to your account August 1st; invoice due by October 25th. Once you have paid your balance in full, you will owe nothing until we bill for the next fiscal year (August 2019). Should payment in full not be made prior to October 25th with this pay in full option, your MLS service will be suspended immediately and your account will be on the installment plan, with the August and November installment due to reactivate account. Membership is terminated by December 31st if balance is unpaid and a $100.00 reinstatement fee plus dues/MLS fees in full will be required to reinstate membership after that.


If I choose the 4 payment option, when will the invoices be posted on my NSBAR account at
Invoices will be due on the following days:
• Payment #1 posts August 1st, due by August 25th
• Payment #2 posts November 1st, due by November 25th
• Payment #3 posts February 1st, due by February 25th
• Payment #4 posts May 1st, due by May 25th Net terms is 60 days. Failure to pay any of the above-referenced invoices within 60 days from invoice date will result in immediate suspension of MLS services. MLS service will resume within two hours after payment of account balance in full has been received.


What dues and fees are included in these invoices?
Each invoice is broken down to reflect four equal payments which cover your NSBAR, IR, NAR Dues and MRED MLS Fees for the entire year (August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020).


Can I make my payments online?
Yes, through, login with your NRDS # and password, and view account. You can also:
• Pay by phone by contacting our accounting department at 847-480-7177, x1025.
• Mail in your payment
• Drop it off at the Northbrook office.


How do I sign up to have the invoice automatically deducted from my credit card?
Signing up for our autopay program allows you to have your payments processed within a few days of the due date. Contact the NSBAR accounting department at to place a credit card on file for autopay. BONUS: Members who are on the autopay program get a 10% discount on selected board store items.


When will funds be deducted from my credit card if I have it on file?
Funds will be deducted on October 20th for members paying in full. Funds will be deducted on the following days for members paying installments:
• Payment #1 on August 21st
• Payment #2 on November 21st
• Payment #3 on February 21st
• Payment #4 on May 21st


How will I be invoiced and charged if I have a credit card on file?
Your invoices will still be posted on your account; however, you will be notified via e-mail when we will be deducting these payments from your account.


How many times do we try to deduct a fee from auto-pay?
We will attempt to deduct payment from your credit card only once. If the card is declined, an e-mail notification will be sent to you notifying you that the card was declined and that you are now responsible to pay the invoice.


Will I be charged a fee if my credit card on file is declined?
No. Contact our accounting department by phone at 847-480-7177 or via e-mail at to ensure the on-file card information is up-to-date.


Will my managing broker be notified if I miss a payment?
Yes. Your managing broker will be notified every time your account is late and/or has been suspended.


Do I have to pay dues to NAR and IR?
Yes. To belong to a local association such as NSBAR, a REALTOR® must also join the Illinois and National Associations of REALTORS as well. Local associations collect the dues for State and National.


What are the voluntary contributions for and am I required to pay them?

Voluntary contributions are just that - Voluntary. NSBAR collects voluntary contributions for RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee)


Why should I contribute to RPAC?
RPAC assures that your issues and concerns remain at the forefront of public policy makers and governments who can shape how you do business. RPAC covers Federal and State elections with a portion shared with the local Association.


Are these voluntary contributions to RPAC tax deductible?
No. These contributions are not deductible for federal income tax filings.


Do I have to pay the recommended amount for the voluntary contributions?
You can decide what amount you would like to contribute; however, we believe the suggested minimum amounts support the work of NSBAR on your behalf. We are recommending that members contribute $50 for RPAC.


Will I be invoiced for the voluntary contributions?
No. If you pay online, our system will pull up these recommended contributions each time you attempt to pay an invoice online. You can decide at any time if you wish to contribute but you are not actually invoiced for these contributions. If you have a card on file for autopay, we will charge the voluntary contribution unless you tell us otherwise.


Are dues and fees ever refundable?
Refunds will be granted only in accordance with the NSBAR Refund Policy. If you are hesitant about renewing membership for the 2020 year, please contact the membership department for more information.


Will I be charged a fee if I pay by check and it is returned for insufficient funds?
Yes. You will be assessed a $50 fee anytime a check is returned for insufficient funds. This fee, along with the original amount of the check, will need to be paid.