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  • THIS DOCUMENT CONSTITUTES AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE NORTH SHORE – BARRINGTON ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NSBAR) AND THE UNDERSIGNED REALTOR® MEMBER regarding the lease by the REALTOR® Member of the mobile app SentriKey and the use by the REALTOR Member of an electronic lockbox system operated by NSBAR under license from SentriLock, LLC.


    1. NSBAR has contracted with SentriLock, LLC to obtain the Electronic Lockbox System.
    2. NSBAR is making the System available to REALTOR® Members
    3. The REALTOR® Member wishes to use the System.

      WITNESSETH: NSBAR hereby authorizes the REALTOR® Member to use the System on the following terms and conditions:

    1. SERVICE FEE: In consideration of the sum of $156.00 for the 12 month terms, payable in advance each fiscal year.

    2. SECURITY OF SENTRIKEY APP: The REALTOR® Member acknowledges that it is necessary to maintain security of the SentriKey App and to prevent its use by unauthorized persons. Consequently, the REALTOR® Member agrees:

  • 3. STATUS: The REALTOR® Member must be a REALTOR® Member in good standing of NSBAR or their primary board in order to use the System. For clarification, the failure to maintain a REALTOR® Member’s status as a REALTOR® Member in good standing of NSBAR or their primary board will constitute an event of default under this agreement. Any sales associate or broker NOT currently affiliated with an eligible REALTOR® Member Broker will not be permitted to continue access to the System, even if said associate was previously affiliated with an eligible Broker, or has paid the access fee. When any associate again becomes affiliated with an eligible Broker, system access will be reinstated from that time forward subject to payment of any access fee for the then current service period.

    4. AUTHORIZATION: The REALTOR® Member will secure written authorization from the owner of any property listed for sale for the installation and use of a Keybox on such property. Extreme care should be taken by the REALTOR® Member to ensure that all doors to the listed property and the Keybox are locked. The REALTOR® Member agrees to disclose that the Realtors shall not provide access to listed property on terms other Keybox is not designed or intended as a security device. than those established by the owner or the listing broker.

    5. DEFAULT: If the REALTOR® Member fails to observe, keep or perform any obligation or provision of this agreement, NSBAR in addition to any specific rights set out herein, shall have the further right to exercise any and all of the following:

    (a) To deactivate the SentriKey Services; (b) To terminate this agreement; (c)To take legal action against the REALTOR® Member to recover all damages incurred by NSBAR resulting from such default and/or improper use of SentriKey; (d) To pursue any other remedy at law or in equity.

    6. INDEMNITY: The REALTOR® Member agrees to indemnify and hold NSBAR harmless from any and all liability, obligation or demands against NSBAR arising out of the loss or improper use by the REALTOR® Member of the SentriKey, Lockbox or SentriLock System, including but not limited to any and all liabilities including lawyers fees incurred by NSBAR as a result of damage or injury to premises or persons arising out of the use by the REALTOR® Member or by any other person of the SentriKey, Keybox, or System. The REALTOR® Member specifically waives releases and holds harmless NSBAR from any actual damages, consequential damages, lost business or any other claim arising out of the use or implementation of the System.

    7. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Those portions of the rules and regulations of NSBAR or other regulations pertaining to SentriKey Access, Lockboxes and the SentriLock System and their use are incorporated herein by reference, as they now exist and as they may be amended from time to time. The REALTOR® Member agrees to comply with the provisions contained herein as well as any and all reasonable rules and regulations promulgated by NSBAR and contained with the MRED rules and regulations or other regulations (as they relate to Sentrikey, Lockboxes, and the SentriLock System) from time to time amended. The REALTOR® Member agrees that violation of this agreement shall constitute a violation of the rules and regulations of NSBAR. NSBAR may NOT sell the SentriLock System Services to affiliates or non members of a local boardas the current agreement between NSBAR and SentriLock prohibits it.

    8. TERMINATION: The term of this agreement begins on the date of the execution of this agreement and ends on the date the authorized user terminates membership, fails to make payment or fails to observe, keep or perform any obligation or provision of this agreement. Authorized user shall have the right to terminate the SentriLock service at any time by giving prior written notice to NSBAR effective upon receipt authorized user’s liability for termination of this service shall be the cost of the remainder of the term. No refunds will be given for termination or cancellation.

    9. IN RESULT OF DEATH: Agent’s heirs or estate will retain ownership of all agents owned lockboxes. If the heirs/estate choose to transfer the lockboxes to another agent a Sentrilock transfer request forms must to completed by both parties.

    I understand that by providing my mailing address, email address, telephone number, or fax number, I consent to receive communications sent by or on behalf of the North Shore – Barrington Association of REALTORS® (and its subsidiaries and affiliates) via regular mail, email, telephone, or fax. I understand that NSBAR will not share my address/email/telephone/fax with other organizations but will share my address/email/telephone/fax with other members of NSBAR.

    PLEASE NOTE: Violations of SentriLock security rules will incur fines up to $5000.00. Please follow the security rules and regulations


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